Technology can be used very effectively in the classroom to share and display children's growth and development. Here are some ideas:


TAKE AND DISPLAY PHOTOGRAPHS. Photos are a good accompaniment to written records of children's development. Take photographs of children's work, participation in group events, and attempts at problem solving. Print these photos and arrange them on classroom display boards, in classroom photo albums, and in children's individual portfolios. Include the date and a typed anecdote.


EXPERIMENT WITH DIGITAL IMAGES. Most digital cameras and digital video cameras provide programs that make organizing, editing, and presenting photos and movies easy. Slideshows and movies are great and easy ways to communicate and exhibit children's work. Gather children together to reflect on their own learning, and then invite parents and community members to reflect on images of the year as a whole, or on the process of particular projects.


CREATE CLASSROOM WEB PAGES. These are convenient ways to share images, stories, and children's work with parents outside of school. Many email providers offer free Web page templates.


USE EMAIL. Develop a list serve with all parents' email addresses on it. Send regular emails that offer updates on developmental and curriculum benchmarks.

Displaying photos of children communicates, "We are here, and this is who we are!"