Rapunzel isn’t just about a girl with long hair, it’s also about a blind prince, and their stories about what happened are very different.

The Prince’s story: being a prince isn’t as exciting as you might imagine. I haven’t had even one great adventure, and I’m already thirteen! I dream of becoming a knight, but that’s not my destiny. I shall be a king some day, but never a knight. That may be a good thing, however—I’m not even a little bit athletic, and I’m blind without my glasses—all I can see are fuzzy shapes. My only friend is my page Andrew. This summer, to make matters worse, my froggy, annoying cousin Elkin has come to stay with us so my father can teach both of us how to be proper kings. But all Elkin really wants to do is get me into trouble, something he’s very good at.

This booktalk was written by librarian and booktalking expert Joni R. Bodart.