Tunnels #3: Freefall Video Booktalk

After Cal was  killed by the Styx, Will, Chester and Elliott plummeted down the Pore, the deepest part of the underworld, so deep that fallling to the bottom meant certain death.

When Chester woke up, he had no idea where he was.  It was dark, and smelled like sulphur and decay.  And something was keeping him from moving.  It was almost as if he'd sunk into the surface of the sticky, rubbery substance that covered everything.  It had absorbed the impact of his fall, which was a good thing, but was almost impossible to escape.

When Chester had finally pried himself out, he retrieved his knapsack, found a Styx lantern, and began to look for Will and Elliott.  He found Will in a cave, depressed and bitter about his father's betrayal and his brother's death.  Together they found Elliott.  She had landed on her side with her arm twisted in her rifle sling.  It was badly broken, and she was unconscious, barely breathing.  But she was alive. 

Meanwhile Drake was on his way to the Bunker after seeing Sarah Jerome sacrifice herself to eliminate the twin Rebeccas and the vials of the Dominion virus that they wore around their necks.  As Sarah ran toward the Pore, she swept up the twins, holding on to them tightly.  All three of them vanished over the edge of the Pore. The Bunker was the only other place to find the rest of the live virus, and Drake intended to destroy it.

About the same time, Mrs. Burrows decided to leave Humphrey House, and go to her sister's apartment, thinking that Rebecca was still there.  But not only was Rebecca gone, her sister seemed to think that she saw Will and Cal just two months before.  Will had been in bad shape, and Cal nursed him till he was better.  But Mrs. Burrows knew that Will has been missing for six months.  How could both things be true?

And in the depths of the Pore, Will, Chester and Elliott struggled to stay alive and escape, unaware that the two Rebeccas were doing the same thing.  Who would survive? 

The Topsoilers in London, and perhaps over the whole world, are in terrible danger.  The Dominion virus is incredibly deadly, the perfect tool to elminate the Topsoilers forever.

This booktalk was written by Joni Richards Bodart, university professor, librarian, author, consultant, and booktalker extraordinare.