Blackmail, spying and secret government agencies. These are just a few things that have recently come into Adam Henderson’s life. Adam is a legend in the online world. You might call him a technological prodigy. Give him a computer and he can immediately fix anything wrong with it. He can produce code faster than anyone and he can track anyone and anything in the world.

Since 4th grade, Adam has referred to himself and his friends as trackers. He tracks people on computers and cell phones from his lab, called the Vault. Only Adam and his three best friends are allowed in the super-secret Vault.

While working in the Vault one day, Adam receives a message. This message is written in a little known language of symbols called the Glyph. Adam knows the language because he invented it. The cryptic message he receives states, “The Glyphmaster awaits you.” But if Adam was the one to create the language, then who is the Glyphmaster? After more messages from the Glyphmaster, Adam discovers that this person knows information about him and his family — knowledge that nobody could know, unless they had been inside the Vault.

At first, Adam thinks the Glyphmaster is playing a game. But soon, it becomes apparent that Adam is being tricked, and Adam and his three best friends delve into a world full of intrigue, underground government agencies and a secret so dark that it could destroy the internet.

Join Adam and his friends while they track dangerous people all over Seattle. And don’t forget to watch the videos at . Make sure you know the passwords before you enter the website. Otherwise, you can’t help solve the mystery.