Want to stretch your teaching time? Then double-check how effectively you utilize the first ten minutes of class. Often, those first ten minutes aren't as productive as they could be. If students take too long to settle in and get on task, you may be losing valuable instruction time and momentum. To set a more get-down-to-business tone, try implementing these routines:

  • Greet students as they enter your classroom and distribute any papers pertinent to the upcoming lesson.

  • Make it standard classroom procedure for students to go to their seats promptly — no milling around cubbies and pencil sharpeners.

  • Always have a message on the board or overhead that tells students what the day's curriculum entails and what they need to be prepared and organized. For example:

    • Turn to page 52 in your textbook.

    • Please take out your reader-response journal and a pen.

    • Write tonight's homework in your assignment notebook.

    • Begin the opening activity.
  • Always have an opening activity posted or distributed so students can start working on it as their classmates arrive.

  • Instead of doing roll call, use your seating plan to quietly check attendance.