Clutter in the classroom means valuable instructional time lost scrambling to find small items like math manipulatives, glue sticks, and extra No. 2 pencils.

Here's a tip: You can prevent clutter from taking over your classroom without spending a fortune. The answer? Recycling everyday items to create clearly marked storage containers for everything.

Ask your friends and family to help you collect the following:

  • Coffee and baby formula cans (cover with contact paper)
  • Shoe and cigar boxes (cover with contact paper)
  • Tea tins
  • Old canister sets
  • Tall plastic cups
  • Plastic cereal bowls
  • See-through cosmetic bags
  • Plastic-zippered bags
  • Plastic milk crates
  • Egg cartons
  • Durable restaurant and deli takeout containers with lids
  • Plastic ice cream and sherbet containers
  • Wicker baskets of any size
  • Shoe caddy with see-through pockets
  • Small pails/buckets (often available as part of kids' meal promotions)

Organize art supplies, games, and other often-used items into kid-friendly containers and label them. Store project- or unit-specific items in containers that you can keep out of sight until you need them.

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