This colorful, fun craft project, personalized with students' thumbprints, is the ideal valentine to give to friends and other loved ones.







What You Need:

  • Pink die-cut hearts, five per student
  • Small green die-cut hearts, six per student
  • Small yellow die-cut hearts, one per student
  • 9- by 12-inch brown construction paper, one sheet per student
  • Red paint or ink pads
  • Thin black markers
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors

What You Do:

  1. Have your students glue five pink die-cut hearts together in a circular flower shape, as shown, and glue a yellow die-cut heart in the center of the pink hearts. The pink die-cut hearts should look like the petals.
  2. Students then glue four green die-cut hearts together in a straight line like a stem. Help them glue two green die-cut hearts to the sides of the stem to represent leaves.
  3. Have your students cut a flower pot shape from the brown construction paper.
  4. Help students glue the green die-cut hearts to the back of the flower pot shape so the stem appears to be growing out of the pot, as shown.
  5. Students glue the pink-heart flower to top of the green stem.
  6. At each table or group of desks, either distribute the red ink pads or pour a small amount of the red paint onto a piece of paper or paper plate.
  7. Have your students carefully dip a thumb into the ink pad or paint and stamp thumbprints onto each petal of the heart flower. Warn students not to get too much paint on their thumbs, as this step can get messy.
  8. Allow your students to decorate the flower pot with more thumbprints and using the black markers.
  9. Students complete the craft by writing "Thumbody Loves You" on the yellow heart.