A haunted ship, a giant squid, a nest of dinosaur eggs, and more adventures and dangers than Marty, Grace and Luther had ever dreamed of!

Marty and Grace had always thought they were twins, the children of Timothy and Sylvia O'Hara. But after their parents disappeared, Marty found out the truth. Grace was actually the daughter of Travis Wolfe, a cryptozoologist, who travels all over the world hunting for cryptids, or mythic animals that may or may not be real. Marty and Grace hve lived with him ever since the O'Haras disappeared. 

He's about to leave on his boat, the Coelanthe, in search of a giant squid, one larger than anyone has ever seen, with suckers the size of garbage can lids. The cousins have asked Marty's best friend, Luther, to come along. Marty and Grace are both geniuses, but Luther is the best computer hacker either of them has ever seen. 

But they aren't the only ones hunting the giant squid-Grace's grandfather, Noah Blackwood is also determined to find it. He and Wolfe have been enemies for years. Their last clash had left Blackwood stranded in the Congo, while Wolfe escaped with some of the most precious things in the world-the eggs of the last living dinosaur. And now they were both after one of the rarest creatures in the world.

They're evenly matched, but Blackwood has a secret Wolfe doesn't know about. Butch, Blackwood's henchman, is stowed away on the Coelanthe, ready to pass on any information he can find. His orders: steal the eggs, kidnap Grace, and prevent Wolfe from capturing the squid, even if he has to kill it.

Marty, Grace, and Luther think it's going to be another adventure, but they don't know the dangers they will have to face.


This booktalk was written by Joni Richards Bodart, university professor, author, consultant, and booktalker extraordinaire.