Francie AlexanderScholastic’s Reading Resources Network is putting the focus on vocabulary. Here, you'll find activities and resources to use in your classroom, a model lesson on video, and an online development session for vocabulary instruction. Plus you’ll discover a plethora — there’s a great vocabulary stretcher — of other resources.

Our host is Francie Alexander, Vice President and Chief Academic Officer for Scholastic Education. Francie has taught at all levels, was a district reading consultant for PreK through high school, and has authored professional articles for educators and 25 “books kids can read” for children.


Betty Tsang
Betty Tsang



Increasing Vocabulary: Concept Definition Map 

Observe a model best practice lesson. Betty Tsang is using a Concept Definition Map to deepen the vocabulary knowledge of her students.

WatchMotivate and Focus

WatchSet Expectations

WatchTeach / Model

Adapted from Scholastic Red, Improving Reading Comprehension, Grades 3–5


Francie Answers the Tough Questions
Question 1:
ListenWhy is vocabulary so important?

Question 2:
ListenWhat words do I teach?

Question 3:
ListenHow do I teach vocabulary?

Listen to more questions


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Teaching Vocabulary

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