Try these teaching tips for adding activities to the 100th Day of School unit plan.


1. If you have a bulletin board with a mascot, have it hold a collection of 100 items. Clifford is on our bulletin board all year, so for the 100th Day of School he holds a collection of 100 dog biscuits!

2. Make a 100-Day snack. Request 10 different food items to be sent in advance. The following types of snacks work best: Goldfish crackers, raisins, chocolate chips, candy conversation hearts, mini pretzels, malt balls, Starbursts, M&M's, Skittles, peanuts.

3. Have children bring in a 100-day collection that can fit in a medium-size baggy. Use a balance scale to determine who brought in the heaviest collection, the lightest collection, etc.

4. Do 100 exercises to start off the day. Change type for every 10 (examples: squats, jumping jacks, windmills, etc.).

5. Make a book with 100 painted handprints (5 for each child in a class of 20). Using a 100s chart, have each student number their prints consecutively.

6. Make a giant cookie using refrigerator sugar cookie dough and put 100 chocolate chips on it.