The Storage Bin - A Teacher's Best Friend

Storage bins in bright colors are terrific for storing items such as puzzles, games, and art supplies. Bins can be labeled and stacked in corners to maximize limited space. Smaller bins can be used as portable browsing boxes to facilitate DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) time.

Organization Made Easy

Face it, we can't help it; teachers love to collect stuff. Lots of stuff. Stuff other people would throw away. Only a teacher sees a myriad of educational possibilities in an empty baby food jar, egg carton, or half a skein of yarn. The problem can be what to do with all the "stuff" we collect.

My best strategy for classroom organization is to store all of my materials, books, and files in plastic totes labeled with the month, theme, or unit. For example, in November's tote I can find everything I need to put up my November calendar, such as bulletin board borders, decorations, plus Pilgrim and Thanksgiving books. I can also find files with parent conference information, samples of November work from the past few years, and any extra art and excess craft materials — such as feathers — that I may use that month. At the beginning of each month, I simply pull down the tote to have on hand the resources to make planning my month much simpler.