At times, getting a hold of my students' parents becomes quite challenging. My phone calls go unanswered. Any correspondence I send in the mail gets returned. Notes that are sent home with Junior do not make it into the hands of his mom or dad. This is why I recommend sending postcards. Most major bookstore chains have free postcards available near the exit doors. Here are some advantages for using postcards as a way to communicate with parents.


  • Postage for postcards costs less than that of standard postage.
  • Simply writing "need to speak to you at your earliest convenience" can do the trick.
  • Messages as simple as this can be easily translated for non-English speaking parents.
  • Postcards are also a great way to tell parents what is happening in your class.
  • Most office software has a mail merge system that you can use with postcards.
  • Reminding both students and parents that "research papers are due on the 29th" can increase the number of completed assignments.
  • My favorite postcards to send home are the ones informing parents that their student has accomplished something in class. Messages such as "I'm so happy Isabella earned an A on her essay!" can make the whole family proud.
  • Postcards are easy for parents to place on the fridge to use as reminders for those important meetings and school events.