In early December we invite parents to our classroom for a Math Games Festival. Two or three children become "experts" on one particular game we've learned in class and teach it to the parents on the morning they visit. We have eight to ten different games going at once, so that the parents may move around to all the stations. It's an exciting time of meaningful interaction between parents and children, where the children feel empowered by the knowledge they are sharing. When the parents leave, they are presented by their child with a gift-wrapped set of instructions and game boards for all the games played that morning! This gift keeps on giving by providing the parents and their children with hours of fun and practice at home.


We set aside about 80 minutes for the Math Games Festival. Here are some of the resources we use:

Math Games: Grade 4 by Patricia Miriani Sima (Teacher Created Materials)
The games we use are: Batting 1000, Product Hunt, and It's in the Cards.

25 Super-Fun Math Spinner Games by Judi Aronson (Scholastic)
The games we use are: Four Spinner Bingo, Spinner Sum Predictions, and Toothpick Mania.

What's Your Angle and 9 More Math Games by Laura Meiselman (Scholastic) The games we use are: What's Your Angle and Polygon Play.

Number Cube Games by Lorraine Hopping Egan The games we use are: Mole Patrol, Toss and Color, The Quad Squad, and Gonzo.