When you involve students in their learning, the outcome will lead to success. Keep these tips handy to help your students find success with every assignment.

  1. Let students create rubrics. Ask them what they think an A paper would look like; a B paper, and so on. You will learn that very often students have much higher expectations of themselves than you do.
  2. Let students design and create your bulletin boards. Explaining to them where their published project will be displayed inspires students to put more effort into their work.
  3. Let students decide due dates. When assigning a large project for your class, allow the class to decide the due date. Students might bring to your attention other projects that are taking more of their time. Come to a consensus so that no one has any excuses.
  4. Use cooperative or small groups. Place your students in groups and have them teach a skill, concept, or strategy to the rest of the class. Students learn much more when they are responsible for teaching someone else.
  5. Ask your students about their needs. Ask them what they need to be successful in your class. What do they expect to gain while in your class? What is it that will motivate them to do their best? Honor their responses and tailor lessons to meet their needs.