Every month throughout the school year, I save a sample of each student's artwork, photos, or special writing. Parent volunteers help me sort them. Then at the end of the year, I add a cover, a poem for the student, and pages for other memory items such as the locker tag and desk tag. The work samples and special pages are bound into a memory book for each student.


This is the poem I use.

First Graders Are Special People

You're a very special person,
And, (child's name), you should know
That I loved being your teacher
And I'm sad to see you go.

As you get a little older
And give each grade a turn,
Try hard and do your best,
There is so much to learn.

Two things I tried to teach you,
That learning is life long
And that you are special
Just because you are (child's name).

Thanks for a fun year!
Mrs. Berthiaume