Here are some ideas for keeping your class homepage fresh all year.

My Best Tip for a Class Homepage

On the Web, what do parents find useful about a class homepage? I have surveyed the parents of several classes. Based on these results, I have included the following information in my Web site.

  • Daily or weekly news of class activities. Parents appreciate reading about even the most routine activities.
  • Photos of student art projects, writing, or activities
  • Monthly calendars and lunch menu
  • Special event information and announcements
  • Links to parent resources
  • Links to good, kid-friendly, online activities
  • A link to contact the teacher


Post Your Weekly Agenda

Post your weekly agenda and include any in-class assignments, as well as homework assignments. This will help your students keep track of their past, present, and future assignments, especially if they are absent.

Create a “Reading Corner”

Create a “reading corner” in your classroom and on your class homepage by posting a list of recommended books for your students. All books that are available in my classroom library are also listed on my class homepage! When my students want to borrow a book from my classroom, their student code gets posted next to the book title on the class homepage. This holds them responsible for the safe return of my books, and helps me keep track of my classroom library usage.

Use Pictures

Using a digital camera (or a regular camera if you have a scanner), take photos of student work and post them on your class homepage for parents to see. Students get a thrill out of seeing their work "published" on the Internet!

Use Power Point

Using Power Point, create slides that describe and illustrate the writing process. Then publish it to your class homepage, so students can access the guide for future reference throughout the school year.