1. If you have a bulletin board with a mascot, have it dress like a graduate. Clifford is our classroom mascot, and he wears a graduation hat and holds a kindergarten certificate in his mouth.
  2. Have a Kindergarten End-of-the-Year Celebration Ceremony. Send parents invitations.
  3. Make a slide show or PowerPoint™ presentation of the year. Set it to music and play it after the ceremony.
  4. Have the students draw self-portraits and display them at the celebration.
  5. Decorate t-shirts for the end-of-the-year celebration. Use extra large t-shirts that can be stenciled with the year that they are supposed to graduate from high school. I suggest that they wear that shirt to their high school graduation under their cap and gown. (It should fit them then, too!)
  6. Make a memory book that includes parents'reflections, your own reflections as a teacher, and students'reflections.