Try these ten ways to build life-long readers beginning in Kindergarten:


  1. Encourage families to limit television time.
  2. Model reading for enjoyment at school and encourage families to do the same at home.
  3. Take at least one field trip to the local library and have each student apply for a library card.
  4. Read favorite books numerous times and provide multiple copies in the classroom.
  5. Provide a variety of books in your classroom: favorite read-alouds, books at students'reading levels, student-made books, and books supporting your monthly theme.
  6. Set aside a time each day when students select books by themselves and read independently.
  7. Assign a daily homework reading or reflection log.
  8. Send book orders home each month so that families can purchase inexpensive, quality books.
  9. Give a book to all students on their birthdays and other special occasions. (Many organizations will donate these books.)
  10. Invite authors, school personnel, parents, and others to visit the classroom and share how important reading is to them.