Introduce your students to President Barack Obama by sharing these biographies for grades K-12. Read more about Obama's journey to the Oval Office, and put his victory in historical context using this "From Slavery to The White House" timeline. Then, have your students write a biography about America's first African American president.

For a more hands-on learning project, ask students to create a timeline of President Obama's life using Timeliner XE, then use the students' timelines as a jumping-off point for discussion of his path to the presidency. You can also print this PDF of a timeline of Obama's Life and use scissors and tape to make a "Life of Barack Obama" classroom poster.

With the economy in crisis, the nation at war, and America's image tarnished, Barack Obama had his work cut out for him. Teach your students about the challenges that President Obama faced. Print out the special supplement, "America & the World: Challenges for the New President," for an in-depth look at the issues.

Younger students can chart the President's Busy First Day (grades 1-2) or become familiar with the vocabulary in the President's Oath of Office (grades 3-4). Older students can read President Obama's 2009 and 2013 inaugural addresses, then practice writing their own presidential Inaugural Address.

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