Count the Ways to Make Nonfiction Work

Set your students on a path to success! Use this all-in-one guide to teach them strategies for navigating and comprehending nonfiction — skills that significantly improve their future academic performance and everyday life.

6 Reasons to Use Informational Text in Primary Grades
See the research behind the reasoning on why nonfiction is so important!

5-Day Unit Plan for Introducing Nonfiction
Follow our day-by-day plan to give readers a firm basis to start using the genre.

4 Sources for Great Nonfiction Literature
Find the perfect content to engage readers of every age and skill level.

3 Comprehension Strategies for Reading Nonfiction
Teach students how to use open-ended questions, make connections, and skim text.

2 Ideas for Refreshing Classroom Read-Alouds
Find scenically based and class-proven ideas for bringing nonfiction to life.

1-on-1 with a Leading Reading Instruction Expert, Laura Robb
Find out about the Robb's most recent professional book Nonfiction Writing From the Inside Out, and get her unique insight in to teaching with nonfiction