Tools to Boost Reading at All Levels, Chosen by Our Teacher Testers

BEST FOR struggling readers

With the new Radius Reading Strategy Kits, kids learn how to get key information from nonfiction texts and gain a better understanding of content-area vocabulary in context. “This product is perfect for teachers who have small groups for remediation,” says our teacher tester. ; $69.95.

BEST FOR fun-filled word building

Poppo! makes you “pop till you drop!” Kids love this sensory-oriented, fast-paced game that helps emerging readers assemble letters to make words. “Kids enjoyed learning about letter names, sounds, and how words are put together,” reports one teacher. ; $24.95.

BEST FOR exploring reading

Leapster Story Explorers for grades K–3 English Language Learners is an “engaging, interactive, and easy-to-use learning tool,” says one teacher. ; Base kit $1,050.

BEST FOR bringing stories to life

BookFlix, for your PreK–3 students, pairs online video storybooks with nonfiction e-books. One of its best aspects: Kids can use it at home as well as in school. “Absolutely amazing!” raves our tester. “Great for emerging readers and ESL learners.”; $1,259 per building per year.