Bang for Your Buck:

LeapPad Ultra $149.99.
“The LeapPad Ultra is very versatile. I use it to work on problem solving, reading strategies, and math. My class has had a lot of fun with this product!”
—Leann Parish, kindergarten teacher, Cayuga, IN

APP: Moshi Monsters: School of ROX $10.
“My students enjoy playing it and I enjoy watching them develop their math skills. It is Common Core–aligned.”

Bookworm Approved:

XO Tablet $149.
“The writing and reading programs allow for more independent practice and assessment. It’s wonderful that there are free books in both English and Spanish.”
—Jennifer Melton, K–2 teacher, Hardeeville, SC


APP: My Books. Free.
“I appreciate that the literature books do not need Wi-Fi connectivity.”

Clicks With Kids:

ClickN Kids Family Tablet $99.
“My first graders loved the ClickN Kids tablet. Knowing it has only kid-friendly apps on the 'kid side’ gives teachers peace of mind.”
—Lyssa Sahadevan, first-grade teacher, Marietta, GA

APP: Looney Tunes Phonics. Free.
“The Looney Tunes Phonics app is great for sound review and independent practice. I’m thinking those familiar characters are the draw!”

Major Motivator:

Meep! X2. $129.
“I use the Meep! X2 for early finishers and as motivation for reluctant workers. Mostly, it seems to be a fun toy.”
—Christieann Rohal, second-grade teacher, Simi Valley, CA

APP: WordCollapse. $1.99.
“I like games that practice skills the students already know. Every second grader can use a little extra spelling practice!”

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