Casio FX-9860 GII
“I would absolutely recommend this graphing calculator to other educators. It’s easy to use and student-friendly.”
—Theresa Quitshaw, sixth- to eighth-grade teacher, Chicago

Post-it Notebook Kit $6.49.
“Students can use the notes and flags to track their thinking through texts. The kit is great because it allows you to refill.”
RhoLynda Hamm, first-grade teacher, Loveville, MD

BIC Kids Mechanical Stylus, Pen, and Pencil $3.49 each.
“I have seen students who have struggled with their pencil hold all year finally have the lightbulb come on.”
Leann Parrish, kindergarten teacher, Cayuga, IN


The National School Supply Lists Directory Free.
“We like that it’s a way to communicate our needs to parents. Parents were thrilled to easily find out what supplies students needed.”
—Jaclyn Myers, sixth-grade teacher, Deltona, FL

Fiskars Designer Non-Stick Student Scissors (7") $7.50.
“My students went crazy for the new colors! They couldn’t get over the different prints.”
Theresa Quitshaw, sixth- to eighth-grade teacher, Chicago

FriXion Light Erasable Highlighters $4.57/3-pack.
“Both students and teachers loved these erasable products! I would ask students to erase and redo for practice purposes or to correct mistakes.”
Marsha Rains, fourth-grade teacher, Savannah, TN

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