NASA Visualization Explorer
 “[NASA Viz] is an engaging and visually stunning scientific exploration,” says Cheryl Lykowski, who teaches second grade in Lambertville, Michigan. “NASA adds new articles [and visuals] twice a week, creating the most up-to-date app
a teacher could dream of.”


Sands Alive! Starter Set
Build landforms and 3D models with this mostly mess-free sculpting material. “My students were enchanted by the overall feeling of Sands Alive,” says Laura Kim, a K–5 art teacher in Sandy Springs, Georgia. “I loved seeing how easily they were able to mold and form the material.”

Try This: Engineering Class Pack (for 30)
“I used this kit as a ‘design’ lesson,” says Nancy Carroll, a fourth-grade teacher in Walpole, Massachusetts, who invited kids to puzzle out their Sail Car designs. “Students worked through two recesses because they wanted to!”

Ani-Gram-It To Go
“In the spring, my class completes animal research projects,” says Alisa Barrett, a first-grade teacher in Rainsboro, Ohio. “As a part of their research process, students would easily be able to use the [pocket-size card game] to learn about the characteristics that make each animal unique.”

Digital Microscope Imager
To digitize your microscope, swap out the eyepiece for this imager. “The whole class can see through one microscope,” says Laura Lai, a fifth-grade teacher in New York City. “We were able to capture the images and refer back to them.”


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