Makey Makey Classic.
Turn everyday objects into touchpads. “Makey Makey provides countless opportunities for students to explore and invent ways to interact with computers,” says Susan Kunze, a second- and third-grade teacher in Bishop, California.

Robot Mouse STEM Set.
Introduce coding skills without the screentime. Children build a maze and program the mouse to find its way to the cheese wedge. “After a few guided rounds of Robot Mouse, my kindergartners were able to set up the maze themselves,” says Christy Crawford, a K–5 technology teacher in New York City.

Animal Adventures: Sharks.
Bring the world of sharks to life with this diorama book set. Kids will learn about sharks great and small, the ocean, and the creatures sharks are neighbors to. 3D models and book challenges complement extended group activities.

The Earth App.
“What better way to experience volcanoes than on an app where the student learns what causes an eruption to happen?!” asks Carla Swenson, a third-grade teacher in Glasgow, Montana. Use it to explore both geography and physical science.

Ozobot 2.0 Bit.

“Ozobot Bit helps students understand the logic and organization of coding,” says Kunze. Create games with color-based coding that gives direction, speed, and other cool commands.

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Photos: Adam Chinitz