Around the Globe

GEO Bingo World $18.99.
An old favorite gains new territory in this global game. Get five (of 50) countries in a row and then yell—you guessed it—Bingo!

Map It! World $14.95.
Take your geography lessons in a new direction with this map game for young globe-trotters. Just locate each city on the group compass, and try not to get lost!

Timeline: Diversity $14.99.
Do you know when the ink pen was invented? What about the year we first landed on Mars? Kids will put their knowledge of history to the test as they place each event, discovery, or invention in chronological order.

Smart Globe Horizon $89.50.
Travel the world with the ultimate tour guide. Tap the talking globe to uncover global essentials, from a country’s currency to its national anthem. Plus, compare topics across borders.

Brain Quest Presidents $11.95.
The 2013 edition takes kids from Washington’s cherry tree through the Obama years. A diplomatic mix of fun facts and historical highlights, all 850 Q&A’s hail from school curricula.


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