Reading Corner

Zingo! Sight Words $19.99.
Conquer tricky sight words with a new take on an old favorite. Have kids match selected words to spaces on the board for a hands-on lesson in reading fundamentals.

Appletters $14.95.
Take a bite out of spelling class with this word game for early readers. Build a “word worm” with your students by adding letters to the head or tail. The first player to use all his or her tiles wins.

Konexi $24.99.
This 3D building game takes vocabulary practice to new heights. Take turns adding letters to the teetering tower as you vie to create the most words. Just don’t let the tower topple!

The Storymatic Kids! $29.95.
Inspire young bards with fun creative-writing prompts. Will your next protagonist be a jump-rope champion or the tooth fairy’s sibling? Pick a card and find out!

Lickety Quick $6.99.
Sweeten up lessons on grammar, vowel rules, syllables, and more. Kids can earn points by shouting out card-matching words in a (banana) split second.