“Conquer the empire of higher-order thinking!” says Kristin Nuñez, a second-grade teacher in Teaneck, New Jersey, and a fan of this Aztec-themed matching game. “I was amazed at how students were able to not only engage in forward-thinking strategies but also articulate their decisions and reasoning.”

Math Vs Zombies
Defeat zombies with math skills! “Use this app during center time,” recommends Christy Crawford, a K–5 technology teacher in the Bronx. “Students will practice math facts just for a chance to play a popular center activity.”

“My students loved it and were determined to find a solution,” says Teresa Gordon, a fourth-grade teacher in North Brunswick, New Jersey, who suggests using this geometry-based puzzle as a reward at hands-on math stations.

Robot Turtles
As they play, kids learn programming basicsby using Code Cards to guide the turtles across the board. “The game unlocks a child’s imagination and opens the avenue for computer engineering,” says Melissa Collins, a second-grade teacher in Memphis.

Loot Pursuit: Pompeii
“A great mix of comic books, math, and history,” says Katie Lyon, a fifth-grade teacher in Los Angeles. “The game keeps kids motivated to continue solving math problems to advance to the next puzzle.”


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