Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Markers
“Almost immediately, we had marks on the table. All it took was one little wipe with a baby wipe and the marks were gone. Honestly, I could not believe it!”
Lyssa Sahadevan, first-grade teacher, Marietta, GA

Time Timer PLUS
“It’s a quick visual for my students to see the amount of time left in a lesson without constant reminders.”
Leann Parrish, kindergarten teacher, Cayuga, IN

Classroom Warm-Ups in a Jar
“I always look for authentic ways to build relationships. This kit helps me get away from cookie-cutter activities for students to get to know each other.”
—Allison Hogan

Class Messenger
“This app is a way to protect privacy while being able to communicate. I would 100 percent recommend Class Messenger.”
—Leann Parrish

Answer Lights
$34.99/set of 4.
“A great tool for tactile and kinesthetic learners. Kids can run and hit the light, or teams can think-pair-share choices, with the leader selecting the answer for the team.”
Allison Hogan, K–1 teacher, Dallas

Wizard Wall Poster Sheets
$11.99/2-pack (24" x 30").
“Wizard Wall can turn any wall or bulletin board into a dry-erase platform. After writing, you are able to move the ‘board’ around.”
Laura Lai, fifth-grade teacher, New York City



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