Fiskars Softgrip Scissors (5") $3.99.
“My third graders really enjoyed using these scissors. They were a hit because of the precision with which they could cut.”
Amy Rosado, TOA, Pomona, CA

Stencil Art $19.99.
“I would recommend the Stencil Art kit to other educators as a motivation for students to enhance their work, or to use in arts and crafts.”
Laura Lai, fifth-grade teacher, New York City

Crayola Construction Paper Crayons $2.98.
“My students loved that these looked like chalk on the paper but were actually crayons.”
RhoLynda Hamm, first-grade teacher, Loveville, MD

Bendastix $19.99.
“A great tool for kids who love to add a hands-on component to their learning—for example, building a character that goes with a story they wrote.”
Laura Santos, third-grade teacher, San Jose, CA

Liquid Chalkers $18.99.
“Students’ engagement increased exponentially just at the thought of writing on their tables.”
Jason Kline, fourth- and fifth-grade teacher, Salem, OR