Soft Grip Brushes.

“This brush is great for [reinforcing] fine motor skills,” says Danielle Brown, a kindergarten teacher in Fort Huachuca, Arizona. “The grip guides students on where to grab the brush.” Bonus: “Students love that the brushes are ‘squishy’ and colorful.”

Wiggle Eyes Stickers.

Peel and stick Wiggle Eyes on a range of crafts for a mess-free alternative to googly eyes. “I like that they are quick and easy to use,” says Brown. “It also helps that glue isn’t needed!”

Play n’ Trace.

Save paper by practicing drawing and tracing on the reusable board. “This is an awesome tool for second- and third-grade teachers who have a few students in need of additional handwriting practice,” says Laura Santos, a second-grade teacher in Los Altos, California. “It’s a fun way to boost motivation.”

Easy Studio.

Middle school teacher Whitney Myers, from Maurice, Louisiana, suggests using this app to teach animation, storytelling, the basics of coding, and even geometry! Says Myers, “It’s a simple process, yet it clearly teaches how stop-motion animation works.”

Power Lines.

These vibrant markers are designed to print on posterboard and create thick or thin lines as needed. “There are an endless number of uses for these markers in any classroom,” says Jason Kline, a middle school teacher in Salem, Oregon, whose class used them to create anchor charts.

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Photos: Adam Chinitz