NGAkids Art Zone
“Students will enjoy interacting with seascapes and portraits from the National Gallery of Art while experimenting with scale and perspective,” says Theresa McGee, a middle--school art teacher in Hinsdale, Illinois. “The app will nicely complement learning objectives.”

Sidewalk Chalk Paint
“The potential for outdoor learning is limitless,” says Amy Bennett-Rosado, a second-grade teacher in Pomona, California, of these washable shades. “My students found it easy to paint with, and the foam brushes were a big hit.”

Doodle Quest
Draw your way from quest to quest in this colorful game. “My students loved it,” says Hannah Mazzuto, a K–6 art teacher in Attica, New York. “Doodle Quest allows kids to think abstractly and helps with spatial skills, proportion, and creative thinking.”

Connector Pen Bucket
Students can draw a masterpiece or build a sculpture with this dual-purpose tool. The interlocking caps allow for creative construction projects, while “the fine tip allows for more detailed drawing,” says Sharon Horenstein, a kindergarten teacher in Malden, Massachusetts.

Crayola Watercolor Pencils
“My students were impressed,” says Laura Kim, a K–5 art teacher in Sandy Springs, Georgia, who recommends using the pencils for landscape projects. “They are perfect for blending and work wonderfully to create a dramatic sky.”


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