1 Discuss it! During group time, talk about the reasons for not running (you might bump into others in busy areas or fall down in slippery spots) or pushing. Dramatize safe ways to cross the street (look both ways, wait for the walk light at intersections), and ride in cars (buckle seat belts).

2 Shape up sand play. Place the sand table in a plastic wading pool to contain spills and keep slippery sand off the floor.

3 Make waterplay safe. Remember to fill the water table or tub halfway to keep water from splashing out and making the floor slippery. Provide child-size mops to clean up wet spills.

4 Eliminate easel accidents. Use tall containers (plastic frozen juice cans, for example) for tall paintbrushes, which won't tip and spill as easily. Place the easels out of the way of heavy traffic to cut down on children's bumping into the painters and running through dripped paint. Use a drop cloth or newspaper on the floor beneath the easels to catch paint spills.

5 Teach scissor safety. Scissors need to be safe and easy to handle. Beginning cutters should use molded plastic scissors. Emphasize to children that they should never point the scissors toward their eyes or walk with them.

6 Ensure careful cooking. Tape electrical-appliance cords securely to the floor to prevent children from tripping on them or tipping over liquids and hot food. Keep pot handles turned in to prevent hot spills.

7 Take Steps for smooth snacking. For beginning pourers, put cups on a tray with a lip to catch spills. Have plenty of sponges and paper towels handy to wipe up mishaps. Use unbreakable bowls and baskets to pass snack food.

8 Prevent block-play accidents. Remind children not to build any higher than their shoulders, which will prevent head injuries when the blocks fall down.

9 Encourage cubby safety. Bolt cubbies to the wall or back-to-back so they don't tip over when children sit in them. Hang hooks above or below children's eye level. Carpet the area under cubbies so that wet shoes or boots don't make the floor slippery.

10 Reduce accidents outdoors. Practice safety rules such as no walking in front of the swings, no sand throwing, no climbing up the slide.