Here are some great tips for making those morning hellos and end-of-day good-byes more pleasant.
1 Personalize space for each child. Help children identify their private places such as individual cubbies or "tubbies" (washtubs) easily so they can quickly shed and store their belongings upon arrival, then gather them again at dismissal. Use names or picture labels.

2 Simplify "check-in" and "check-out." Invite children to turn over their nametags to say "I'm here!" or "good-bye." For children who need more structure, provide individual picture/word checklists (hang up coat, return library book).

3 Create special routines. Shake hands with each child and exchange pleasant greetings and positive good-byes. Develop hello and good-bye songs to sing as a group.

4 Encourage creative transitions. Invite children to follow the "magical path" to their classroom door made by the colored floor tiles in the hall. Suggest that they use secret good-bye signs when their parents are leaving or blow two kisses.

5 Share messages easily during busy times. Label cardboard beverage boxes with big dividers and turn them sideways to hold parent/teacher communications and children's artwork. Send home a videotape or have an audiotape exchange of favorite new songs.

6 Make take-home envelopes. Encourage each child to decorate a manila envelope. Print her name on it, then laminate it or cover with contact paper for durability. Parents, teachers, and children can send information and goodies back and forth daily by slipping this packet right into a backpack.

7 Provide for individual learning styles. Some children enjoy the comfort of coloring with a friend at the start of each day; others like to become involved with a new, exciting activity. Blink the lights for visual learners or play a song for auditory learners.

8 Enlist allies. Arrange for "cubby buddies" who help each other get dressed and undressed. If a child is struggling with separating from a parent, suggest that a friend invite him to play or walk with him to an activity.

9 Follow the child's lead. Be thereto help parents say good-bye to their children in ways that help them make a smooth transition to the school day.

10 Use classroom materials for happy home-school transitions. Prepare interesting book bags to check out at the day's end to take home, then bring back the next morning.