A classroom cubby, ives each child a sense of place and personal space. Here are some ways to make cubbies comforting, creative - and fun!

1 Arrange cubbies in a row. This creates the perfect place for children to gather together before going home.

2 Prepare name cards. Make a 3" x 5" oaktag name card for each child's cubby. Invite children to pick their own cubbies, and let them help you tape up their name cards.

3 Do a safety check. Be sure all hooks for hanging children's clothing have rounded edges and are located well above a sitting child's eye level. This allows children to curl up in their cubbies when they're upset, tired, or just want to be by themselves for a while.

4 Paste up photos. Request current photos of your children, and tape them to 6" x 8" sheets of paper. Ask children to decorate the borders. These decorated photos will further increase children's sense that "this is mine!"

5 Add a basket. Adding a bag or basket to the cubbie will give the child a special space to store artwork and toys brought from home.

6 Keep cubbies clean. Every couple of months, invite the children to make their cubbies sparkle. Ask children to empty their cubbies of all contents and sponge the inside with soapy water.