How do other classroom teachers feel about high-stakes testing? What test-prep methods have worked for them? Scholastic has collected teachers' own thoughts, comments, and best practices about testing and accountability. See what your colleagues are saying. Then share your own thoughts on our message boards.

Teaching to the Test
Do you feel pressured to "teach to the test" to maximize standardized test scores? Real teacher respond.

How Your Attitude Affects Students' Scores
See how eliminating your own negative feelings about standardized tests can actually help students do better.

Prepare Students for Standardized Tests
Teachers recommend quick tips and activities to help students prepare for standardized tests.

Top 5 Ways to Prepare Students for Standardized Tests
Winning ideas submitted by teachers like you, each of these entries won $50 in Scholastic products in our monthly contest for the best ideas.

Teaching Tip: Gearing Up for High-Stake Testing
Four teachers from a variety of grade levels share activities that help students get ready for standardized test.

Using Tests as Teaching Tools
A veteran teachers explains how to foster a positive attitude about tests through thoughtful planning and follow up.