From Unit Plan: The Road to Success


These are the books I use to research interest inventory ideas and activities to unite a classroom of students into a family.

Some of these professional books are available in the Teacher Store.

Super Ways to Jumpstart the School Year by Michael Gravois
Not only does this book have excellent reproducibles, but each is also provided with a lesson to execute the learning objective of the reproducibles. This book is an excellent resource of ideas for interest inventories, bulletin boards, and ways to establish strong connections with parents. Although the cover designates this resource as being for grades 3-6, any teacher of any subject will get great ideas from this book.

Quick Tip for Using Book in Classroom: By utilizing ideas for classroom management, this book can be used to establish routines for students who are absent. The best ideas guide ways to empower students to ask for help in a non-threatening manner.

The New Teacher's Complete Sourcebook: Middle School by Paula Naegle
Ignore the title! This book has great ideas for even veteran teachers from ways to manage your classroom to decorating on a dime to ideas for the first day of school. No middle school teacher should be without this book.

Quick Tip for Using Book in Classroom: The chapter on assessing learning and assigning grades clearly defines how to create authentic learning assessments. All teachers should use this book's "Seven Questions to Consider When Planning Assessments" before implementing project rubrics and unit tests. It's an easy checklist that can streamline any evaluation.

Learning to Teach… Not Just for Beginners: The Essential Guide for All Teachers by Linda Shalaway
This 336-page manual covers everything from classroom management to differentiated instruction. So, what's different? It also covers unique ways to motivate students, strategies for integrating technology, and directions for reflective teaching. It even includes a glossary of such terms! The best part is that at the end of every chapter, this resource book has an abundant supply of reproducibles to help the implementation of its ideas.

Quick Tip for Using Book in Classroom: Are you looking for a way to guide parents in appropriate ways to help their child at home? This book provides letters and checklists to send home to positively show parents how to help at home, making our job easier and the home environment less stressful.