“Sophisticated verse and a compelling story will capture attention as it stirs compassion.”
School Library Journal

Life is lived in moments. Let Billy share his with you.

Life is lived in moments. Some you recognize as important while you live them. Others pass unaware and you must look back to them once they have gone to see that they were turning points.

There have been many turning points in Billy’s life. His parents’ divorce. His mother’s marriage to a man who didn’t understand boys who made A’s and didn’t like sports. Saying goodbye to childhood and turning toward the possibilities and difficulties of adulthood. Talking in the dark with his best friend and realizing that while his friend wanted to be with girls, Billy didn’t. The lips he wanted to kiss and the hands he wanted to hold were boys’ lips and boys’ hands. The day his brother moved away. A camping trip. His first gay friend. The pain, the sharing, the distance, and the knowing. The search for understanding. The search for himself.

This booktalk was written by librarian and booktalking expert Joni R. Bodart