Scholastic Booktalk

Horrible, bossy, mean, nosy Aunt Marsha is coming to stay with Tina, Vince and Aiden while their parents go to Paris for three weeks, and all of them are sure they'll never survive.

Aunt Marsha was coming to stay with them for three weeks while their parents were on vacation, and Tina, Vince and Aiden weren't convinced they'd survive. She was Dad's sister, and even he couldn't stand her. Every time she came to visit, she cleaned and tidied and dusted and put things like spices in alphabetical order. After she left, no one could find anything.

Mom and Dad always had a winter vacation, but it was usually four or five days, and the children stayed with the next door neighbors. But this year, it was Paris, for three weeks! And Mom's laid down the law–"This time be sure to make Aunt Marsha feel welcome." But it wasn't going to be easy.

Aunt Marsha had to have her own way, no matter what, and not just about the big things, but about all the little ones too. Vince was Vincent and Tina was Bettina, even though no one ever called them that. Mandy, Vince's dog, had to stay outside. There was no TV on Sunday mornings, even though Aiden had a crush on one of the girls from "Dancerama" and looked forward to it all week. And Aiden couldn't read the comic books he loved. She scared him when he got hit in the face with a ball, and when he kicked her, she called him a monster. She cooked cabbage and kidney pie, and made grapefruit juice for breakfast every day–without sugar. And she made all of them go to bad at 7:00. Aiden was angry, Vince slept outside in the doghouse to be with Mandy, and Tina tried everything she could think of to make things better, but nothing helped. Even school was better than being around Aunt Marsha.

And then they found out about Aunt Marsha's One Great Fear–heights. Had they found a way to control horrible, mean, bossy Aunt Marsha?
This Booktalk was written by librarian and booktalking expert Joni R. Bodart