Sunny Holiday video booktalk

What the world needs is a few more happy holidays, and Sunny Holiday is just the person to create them!

Hi! My name’s Sunny Holiday, and holidays are some of my favorite things. But you know, there just aren’t enough holidays to go ‘round. Some months just get left out. That’s why my best friend Jazzy and I decided to create some new ones. The first one we’re gonna start with is Kids’ Day. There’s a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day, so there outght to be a Kids’ Day too.

When we get all our new holidays on our calendar, I think I’ll include them in the book Mama and I are writing on the wall of our living room. We started it on New Year’s Day, and we call it Free All Year. Mama and I always do a New Year’s wish list, and last Christmas it got so long we both got sad, cause we knew there was no way we could afford even a little part of the list. So Mama decided to do something different—make a list of everything we love that doesn’t cost a cent. We wrote down love and family, dancing and dandelions, friends and cooking. We have 23 things so far, and I just know it’s not going to take any time at all to put down one thing for every day in the year. This time next year, we’ll be rich and famous! We’ll go on Oprah and I’ll tel her all about my new holidays, and everyone that watches her show will want to celebrate them too.

You don’t have to be rich to be happy, if you just remember all the things you love that are free all year!

This booktalk was written by university professor, librarian and booktalking expert Joni Richards Bodart.