The Suburb Beyond the Stars Video Booktalk

Brian and Gregory completed the Game of Sunken Places. Brian won the previous Game and now gets to oversee the Game's next round. However, the next round won't be happening for another few years. So why is it that strange things are happening now that remind him of the first Game?

To start, Brian is followed on the train by a weird-looking pockmarked man. When the situation turns into a deadly hunt, Brian escapes just in time. This doesn't make sense because it goes against the rules of the Game.

Then, when Brian's creations start to attack him, he realizes that something is very, very wrong. There is only one person who would know the answer to why this is happening to him—Prudence. She was in charge of the last Game, so she'll definitely be able to tell him what's going on.

However, there's one problem: Prudence has gone missing. Brian and Gregory haven't received emails from her in a while. After speaking with Prudence's neighbors, Brian and Gregory learn that she hasn't been there in weeks, and that other people are disappearing too.

There's something wrong with this suburb. Time doesn't seem to work as it does everywhere else, and the people seem as though they've been hypnotized by an evil force. Will Brian and Gregory find Prudence and solve the mystery?