Sometimes people think that classroom managers aren't needed in high school. That couldn't be further from the truth! High school students still like to feel needed and important. You can form good relationships with your students by incorporating manager positions in your classroom. Here are a few that I use:

  • Door manager: This person goes to the door when someone knocks on or appears at the door. This is helpful because if you are in the middle of a lesson or discussion you don't have to stop interacting with your students. If someone is just dropping something off the door manager can accept it and give it to you when you're done teaching. If the visitor needs to speak to you then the door manager will politely ask them to wait until you are done speaking so they don't feel ignored.
  • Attendance manager: This person takes attendance. Print out a class list and put it in a folder. Even though you'll be keeping track of attendance in your grade book, the attendance manager will also take attendance in this folder. This is helpful for the times when you may forget to take your attendance and when there is a substitute.
  • Folder manager: In my class, students use folders that stay in the classroom and hold all of their work. The folder manager is responsible for distributing and collecting the folders every day.
  • Book manager: If there are any books that need to be distributed and collected this person does it.
  • Timer manager: In an 80-minute block, it is important to give the students a certain amount of time to complete various assignments. The timer manager keeps the timer on their desk and alerts the class when they are down to 10 and 5 minutes before the end of an assignment.
  • Substitute manager: After a substitute teacher your class you may find that you're missing the attendance list or the students' work. The substitute manager is responsible for making sure that the substitutes' attendance list is accurate and left on the desk for you as well as ensuring that students put their work back into their folders instead of giving it to the substitute. Even though the sub is taking attendance the attendance manager should still take their attendance also.

Manager positions help your classroom run smoothly. Setting these jobs up at the start of the year is a great way to establish routines that make students feel a sense of responsibility and seriousness that will help them stay focused for the year.