It seems so simple how I ended up here. I was this close to being on that flight. To avoiding the entire situation. My parents had already gone through the gate, and all I had to do was get a cup of coffee before I did the same. When I didn't have the right currency, you appeared and offered to pay...with an intense look and those beautiful, innocent blues eyes. How could I refuse the kindness of such a handsome stranger? I'm not quite sure when you did it, but all you needed was a second or two to drug my coffee. And my life was no longer in my control.

You guided me through the airport, but my memory is too fuzzy to remember the specifics. I remember you giving me new clothes to put on. And something scratchy to put on my head. You kept feeding me chocolates. The world went hazy. I was awake enough to realize we had got on an airplane. Where it was taking me, I had no idea.

When the world became clear again, I was in so much pain. Lying on the bed, wondering if you hurt me, if you touched me. Everything felt so slow, but my heart was beating so fast. When I asked where I was, all you said was that we were here. And that I was safe.