Establish clear, practical classroom rules at the start of the school year — and create an environment for learning — with help from the following articles and resources.

Guidelines for General Rules
Use these rules as guidelines, adapting and expanding them to meet the needs of your individual class and grade level.

Teacher Tips: Tips for Creating Classroom Rules
By Susan A. Miller Ed.D
These ten tips for educators will help you create a more peaceful, harmonious classroom.

Helping Teachers Establish Rules
These strategies can help you create an efficient and supportive classroom.

Everyday Rules That Really Work!
By Chip Wood, Deborah Porter, Kathryn Brady and Mary Forton
This practical six-point plan for establishing rules and routines offers sure steps toward an orderly and productive classroom.

Keeping them on the Edge of Their Seats
By Ann Gazin
Tips for back-to-school classroom management that keeps students engaged but under control. Emphasizes the importance of consistency.

The Bully-Free Classroom
By Allan Beane
Strategies and activities for stopping school bullying before it starts. Involves teaching student conflict resolution skills.