Keegan was two weeks away from his sixteenth birthday when he realized what Michael wanted him to do. It was the only way to restore the balance, to fix what had begun so wrongly when they were born.

The coach needed someone to fill the 98-pounds-and-under category on the wrestling team. I only weighed 843/4. I didn’t even have to do anything. He didn’t care if I lost, he just wanted a warm body to weigh in and spend a few seconds on the mat getting pinned. That was all. But during that first match, in the twisted darkness as my opponent tried to pin me, I suddenly saw Michael, saw my whole family, as it should have been, with him alive, and me out of the picture. And as Michael turned and looked at me, his body strong and healthy, I knew what I had to do, what he wanted me to do, what would make up for all the mistakes that had begun from the moment we were born. By being born first, I’d upset the balance of God’s plan, and all the disasters that had happened to our family since that day were my fault. Michael was bigger and stronger, and should have been born first. Now the only way I could fix that, right the wrong I’d done sixteen years ago, was to do what Michael wanted me to do, and restore the balance. He wanted me to kill myself, in just fourteen days, the night before our sixteenth birthdays.