Nat doesn’t know that living beside her reality-based world is another one where magic and spells are real, and strange and magical creatures live. Which of these worlds is her true home?

But Hawk doesn’t realize whom his trap has caught. Because Nat can see the spell he planted, he assumes she knows about her heritage, and that her pet spider is her familiar. It’s not, it’s just a pet she keeps with her all the time because she’s afraid her stepbrother Tim will find it and kill it to torment her. She and Itsy are not magically bonded, and when Hawk kills Itsy, he gains no power over Nat, but he does make her mad enough to retaliate. With Merlin’s help, she escapes from the house where Hawk has kept her prisoner, and they hide in the Unicorn Wood.

But Lord Hawk is real too, and so is his plan for revenge. Will he be able to find the thirteenth member of his circle, and travel into Earthaven with the Raven when the boundary is open, or will Nat’s new powers and new friends be able to stop him?