Special person of the day is a must-do with your kindergarten students. I borrowed the idea from my own second grade teacher, Mrs. Kellerman, and have made some adjustments to fit the kindergarten writing standards. The special person of the day gets to do all of the opening morning activities, choose centers, and wear the crown and cloak. I have all of the other students write about the special person of the day and create a book.

Directions for Special Person of the Day

Use any color piece of 12" by 18" inch construction paper. Fold the paper in half. Add stickers and a picture of the student. I write "(student's name) is special because she/he is..." on the front of the book and laminate it. I have all the books ready to go when I randomly choose one of the special person books from the file cabinet.

On the dry erase board I write, (the students write on their paper):
________ is special because she/he is __________ and ____________.


I have a list of adjectives that are listed on the board: 1. smart 2. cute

3. funny 4. friendly 5. nice and 6. helpful.

The students choose two words that describe the special person of the day and fill in the blanks. The special person of the day also tells the class three activities that he/she likes to do. For example, today the special person said he likes to play soccer, play Star Wars and go to the beach. I do a quick drawing of the activities. When the students are finished with the writing part of the lesson, they draw a picture of the special person and him or herself doing an activity that the special person likes.

Without trying to overuse the word special, it truly makes the students feel incredibly special. I also love this writing lesson because it is terrific for differentiated instruction. Students that have difficulty staying on task write one adjective. Students that are at grade level write two adjectives. Students that need more of challenge can write their own words. We do this every morning until everyone has had a chance to be the "Special Person of the Day."

ps: I still have my Special Person of the Day book from second grade!