Leo Lomax is obsessed with sounds. Everywhere he goes in New York City, he records different things. The subway system, cars driving down the road and even garbage trucks all fascinate Leo. Leo's dad also loved recording different sounds when he was alive. A few weeks ago, Leo’s parents were in Antarctica for a trip and their plane crashed. Although they were never found, they were presumed dead.

It's been a tough adjustment for Leo, especially when he discovers who will be raising him and his younger brother — their dad's stepbrother, Crane Rathbone.  Uncle Crane is very mysterious — he lives in a huge warehouse in Brooklyn, deals antiques and has a limo, a helicopter and a private plane! But there is something strange about Uncle Crane. He's very private and he refuses to let them see the objects he has stored in his warehouse. Uncle Crane tells them that it's because they are extremely valuable, but Leo thinks that he has something to hide.

When Leo receives a package on his thirteenth birthday from his recently deceased father, he learns that he is a very special teen. Leo is a sound bender. By holding an object, Leo can tell its history and the importance of the artifact. But the instructions on the package were very specific — Leo is not allowed to tell anyone about his power. At first, Leo is confused and amused by what he learns. But once he holds a strange object in his Uncle Crane's warehouse, Leo realizes that sound bending can be a very, very dangerous power. Join Leo on a crazy adventure around the world in Sound Bender by Lin Oliver and Theo Baker!