Sophie the Awesome Video Booktalk

Nate the Great. Harriet the Spy. Glenda the Good Witch. Everybody recognizes these names, right? They belong to important people. They say something about who the person is. This is the exact kind of name Sophie wants!

Sophie doesn’t like having a boring name. Why couldn’t her parents have given her a cool name so she could be different from everybody else? Then she would no longer be confused with the other Sophie in her class and she would finally be special!

So Sophie decides to create a name for herself. She thinks about it for a long time and decides to call herself… Sophie the Awesome! Sophie’s determined to prove that she is the most awesome person on the planet! She has to do something incredible that nobody has ever done before. Does she show her classmates that she’s the world’s best musician? Does she break the record for jumping the most stairs at her school? Does she shove the most French fries into her mouth? Does she break the school jump rope record?

There is nothing standing in her way, except Toby. Toby is Sophie’s ex-best friend and is now Sophie’s enemy. He’s always making fun of her and trying to ruin her life.

But now Sophie has a goal. To become the most awesome person alive! Will Sophie succeed? Will she finally be thought of as special? Or will Toby ruin her plans to become…awesome?