Research and Presentation Rubric

Use the rubric below to assess students' proficiency with the social studies interactives. Evaluate whether students' skills are improving or where they may need additional support or instruction.


  • 5: proficient: a high degree of competence
  • 4: capable: an above-average degree of competence
  • 3: satisfactory: a satisfactory degree of competence
  • 2: emerging: a limited degree of competence
  • 1: beginning: No key elements are adequately developed.

Name: Score
Demonstrates knowledge of current political affairs between the United States and its allies. 
Can identify an example of current international diplomatic success and failure. 
Generates ideas and questions about the role of the United States in Middle Eastern affairs. 
Demonstrates an understanding of the relationship between the current U.S. government and the U.N. Security Council.  
Can identify specific examples of international diplomacy and how they are used in today's current affairs. 
Clearly presents a personal view of war with an argument informed by facts from both history and current events. 
Demonstrates a basic knowledge of Middle East geography.  
Can identify at least one issue in dispute among national parties in the Middle East.  
Conducts research by gathering information from a variety of web-based reading materials.  
Generates ideas and questions on how historic events affect current world affairs.  
Successfully uses Web technology and informational resources to expand knowledge and understanding of events in American History and current international relations.  
Generates ideas on how homeland security measures are put into practice and how these measures affect our daily lives.  
Depending on how long your class spends with Social Studies Interactives, evaluate how successful students were in completing the skill focus points. To compute an Overall Score, divide the student's evaluated score by the number of Skill Focus points your class completes. For instance, if your class participates in the entire Social Studies Interactives Project, you would divide the students score by 12 to reach an Overall Score.

Additional Materials:

  1. Social Studies Interactives Activities